Thursday, October 28, 2010

Im back

Wow, its been almost a year since my last post, to my two readers i'm sorry and i will be blogging more than often:)

What's new in my life? well i have been reading the 4 hour work week and it points out some very interesting things, like how we just work for the sake of working when we need to work in order to enjoy our lives...we work to retire at 60 and then try to enjoy our lives. This is impossible because we spend the best years of our lives trying to build up money so that we can "enjoy" it when our bodies arent able to anymore...the writer advocates taking a mini vacation every 6 months or so and he doesnt believe in retiring...

This got me thinking, how can i enjoy my life more right now? Well my dream car is a Range Rover and i have decided to take one for a test drive this weekend, this is a big step considering i have never even touched one...this weekend is gonna be such a fun a Range, Currie Cup final and maybe a trip to the driving range on Sunday...

"don't waste your youth growing up"

till next time kids