Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i am learning everyday that being successful is not doing new and wonderful and exciting things everyday, what the most successful people in the world do is that they set a goal (and never change it) then they find and way in which they are going to achieve this goal, once they have found that...they just do that thing everyday this gradually leads them to attaining their dreams...the only change that ever happens is when they re- evaluate their technique to get better results... i must stick with my methods.

yesterday was tough, i gymmed legs and then went spinning for an hour...WOW!!!

How to get and keep a girl

On my never ever ending quest to know things i was reading a Glamour magazine, which had a comparison between John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhall and ten girls were asked to choose which one they would go for and a whopping 8 out of the 10 went for John Mayer...WOW (this he must be the biggest fag i can think of...)

The question on my mind was why? and the answer is pretty simple really this is how i see it...what attracts a woman into a relationship is never what will keep her in that relationship, you see women always want the bad boy and they think that they can change him...Why did they not want Jake, the majority of them said that it was because he is a good boy and good boys are boring and no fun at see guys a woman wants to be swept off her feet and live in the moment and be carried away in a blizzard of lust and love.

The problem with this is that it doesnt sustain a relationship, ask any girl what kind of husband she wants and i guarantee that it will almost be the exact opposite of what has been described above, she wants the sweet guy, who will love her children and be home immediately after work and basically be the Jake Gyllenhall...

So here is how any guy can use this to his advantage, to get the girl you have to be the bad ass, basically be a dick, dont care sort of guy...i know a lot of people are disagreeing with me, but how many times does the sweet chap lose out on getting the girl because she will choose the guy that is no good for her, dont fool yourself and say rubish like "I'll just be myself and i will get her" we all know that hasnt worked for you in the past 24 years...

After you have being the prick and gotten the girl, then you cant slowly go back to being your little cute useless self, this has two benefits, you dont have to walk around pretending to be something that you are not and she will actually think that she managed to changed you...

on my next blog, i will talk about how to be an douchebag...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Dream

Its funny how we look at nice cars and nice houses and think or even better tell someone, we see Lambo's and things all the time, what do these people do that enables them to afford such cars?

well im tired of wondering and i am going to embark on a journey to find out.

my goal is now to become a millionaire, upon closer inspection of the things that are happening, it is becoming painstakingly clear that having money will help solve a lot of things, you see i am realising more and more everyday that having money equals having options in this life, together with making a lot of money i want to be super healthy as it wont help to be rich and not have the physical ability to enjoy the money...and i want to get married very soon, because there is no point in having all the riches and no-one to share it with...i mean imagine being on holiday in spain or the caribbean or anywhere else for that matter and the other half of WE ARE AWESOME is not there...i wanna be a family man and have lots of kids, money will allow me to be able to give them the best that life has to offer....

so to kick off my game plan i will divide my day up like this:

sleep 6 hours
work 12 hours
gym 2 hours
spend time with investing in my relationship 4 hours...

this should be a good start, i am ultimately working to get to a point where i work max 6 hours a week, about an hour a day and spend all my time travelling the world with my loved one...when we are tired we will settle down in a big ass house and just breed...and love each other for the rest of our lives.