Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Industrial thinking in the information age

the wierdest thing is that technology doubles every 18 months, but the way we are working seems to be something that is still trapped in the 1700's...when you think about it besides from things like sex, we essentially dont need to ever be in any sort of contact with anyone or anything...i could in theory wake up bath, and sit behind a computer, order all my groceries online. buy clothes on line, pick up the phone and order a quick snack from debonairs...etc.

i am beginning to rethink the concept of work. work is a thing that you do rather than a place that one has to go every morning...fair there are jobs that require for people to be there physically but as we move further into the 21st century most of our jobs are based on ideas and thoughts, i myself have never personally seen a truck been loaded with beer stock, i attend one meeting per week and the work load is so much that we dont really have time to crack jokes at work...why i sit behind this desk everyday is beyond me...we have three whole buildings where people come everymorning to sit down and do nothing more spectacular than they could have done in their own homes...

i wonder if there is a way to convince my boss if we could get lap tops and work from home from time to time??? hmmm...highly unlikely as we work in a beuracracy...sad but true

on a lighter but not less important note, my girlfriend and i are celebrating our third anniversary tomorrow...WOW, crazy huh, i am so chuffed about that, tomorrow is gonna be a really speacial day for us...

My goal this week is to save time so im a going to automate the majority of my life, taking the queue from my thoughts about industrial thinking in the information age, i realise that there is no need for me to go to the bank every month or to iron my shirt every morning, i may even go as far as finding a "supper service" company to cook my supper for me everynight...i want to see how much of my life i can outsource...
"Get inn there...LOL"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Im back

Wow, its been almost a year since my last post, to my two readers i'm sorry and i will be blogging more than often:)

What's new in my life? well i have been reading the 4 hour work week and it points out some very interesting things, like how we just work for the sake of working when we need to work in order to enjoy our lives...we work to retire at 60 and then try to enjoy our lives. This is impossible because we spend the best years of our lives trying to build up money so that we can "enjoy" it when our bodies arent able to anymore...the writer advocates taking a mini vacation every 6 months or so and he doesnt believe in retiring...

This got me thinking, how can i enjoy my life more right now? Well my dream car is a Range Rover and i have decided to take one for a test drive this weekend, this is a big step considering i have never even touched one...this weekend is gonna be such a fun one...drive a Range, Currie Cup final and maybe a trip to the driving range on Sunday...

"don't waste your youth growing up"

till next time kids

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If Life Gives You Lemons

A big goal for me this year is not to waste money, this is not to be a miser or stingy with money but over the last two years i have wasted money on useless things and this does not help my cause at all. Here is a list of things that i dont want to waste my money on ever again.

Cooldrinks and fizzy drinks,

buying lunch from the cafeteria or any where else for that matter ( i cant justify to myself why i have spent R20 everyday for the past two years buying sandwiches, this adds up to over R10 500 of bread in just 24 months...thats crazy.)

McDonalds, KFC or any other junk/fast food joint, honestly the food from there is rubbish, has no nutritional value and is a waste of money.

Magazines, i dont read everything is there...i will allow myself one magazine "treat" a month. No more buying 6 or 7 a month

Excessive going out, there is actually no point to it anymore, it doesnt make sense to drink 10 beers at R15 a pop every other night and then go straight home...what a terrible habit this is and i dont even get to enjoy being drunk 'cause i get home and sleep...weekends should be enough and one or two free ones is cool during the week...

impulse items, these i think cost me a lot because i think that this is "ghost" money because i dont keep track of it and i wonder "where did my money go?"

However i do want to develop new habits and enjoy my money as well, here are a few things that i will do with my money this year...

Go out for breakfasts, lunches and suppers, this is with friends and especially with my girlfriend.

Go to Live shows, concerts and the theatre.

Go to the movies.

Go away for weekends.

Buy Fine, Quality, Expensive and Stylish Clothes, cosmetics, frangrances and accesories.

Enjoy Fine Dining, Whiskeys, Brandies and Wines...

The Value of a Minute

A book that i was reading recently said that we waste so much time waiting and doing things that do not in anyway contribute to achieving our dreams. the way that i understand it is like this. a wasted minute becomes a wasted hour, which becomes a wasted day, which becomes a wasted week, which becomes a wasted month, which beciomes a wasted year...which eventually leads to a wasted life.

That is why it is so crucial to have a dream which you are sold out to and to be able to answer the question "what are you doing right now that is leading you towards achieving your dream?"

My greatest dream is to have TIME...i want the time to spend with my girlfriend without all the pressures of expectations and society, i want time to sleep when i want and wake when i want, i want time to travel and enjoy my life...this leads me to asking how am i going to get that time? the only way i see how to do that is to build an asset that will pay me enough to do what i want to do...unfortunately in this world we are brought up to believe that wwe must work for 40 hours a week for 40 years of our lives and then we will have enough money to do whatever it is that we want...how am i truly going to enjoy my life if i only get that time at 65? what i am essentially doing right now is trading the best years of my life sitting behind a computer for money...how sad this is:(...so my goal for me to be able to enjoy my life is to become a MILLIONAIRE!!!

i want to build an asset that will allow me to retire at 30 and enjoy the rest of my life without having to worry about money...

i am working really hard on my business, i will work on it everyday i need to tweak my routine a little from to day onwards i am going to limit the amount of time that i spend watching tv...last night i really wanted to get some reading done instead i spent 5 hours watching telly, that led to me reading late and falling asleep halfway through and being tired today i need to be asleep at the latest 22h30...this will give me 6 hours of sleep. we've got plenty of dvd's at home so i can relax my mind with those...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Selling out to my dream

Well its a new year and it comes with a world of new possibilities...i guess that we all make resolutions and hope that we will keep them, i am learning that hoping such things is not enough. The most important words in my life will be JUST DO IT...i am stealing this from Nike as i have realised that the most impotant thing that anyone can do for themselves is to take ACTION...taking action is the only thing that does actually matter, how many dreams do i have? pleanty and how am i going to achive any of them? by simply taking action.

It doesnt have to be big things, think about it this way, if i do just one thing a day that will bring me closer to my dream then by the end of the year i will have done 365 things that will be putting my dreams within my grasp.

From now on i will not be lazy, (how can i be lazy about things that will be beneficial for me?)...i am still debating whether to go to gym in the mornings or afternoons but i am really leaning towards the mornings as this will mean that it is over and done with by the time that everyone wakes up i will already have one over them, i can then get to work at about 8 and work till about 4...this will allow me to free up my late afternoons and early evenings. On Mondays i can spend time with my girlfriend doing anything that she wants to do...it doesnt matter as long as i am with her, Tuesdays and Thursdays i will go to Rugby Practice, Wednesdays i get to spend more time with the one that i love...i really enjoy going to movies and we can do that, Fridays can be used as rest days as there will be games on Saturdays and Sundays we will go to church...

My main goal this year is to be a WHOLE person...i want to enjoy this year to the fullest...i wanna learn and experience new things...
The only way i will achieve my dreams is to sell out to them, it has to be the last thing i think about before i fall asleep and the first thing i think about when i wake up, time is such a funny thing...i only took action yesterday and i will take action everyday, here is an account of bad baheviours that are holding me back...
Jan 1: I wont do anything today because it is a holiday and i just drank all day
Jan 2: I just want to relax and i watched tv all day
Jan 3: I havent seen my freinds "ALL" year maybe i need to spend some time with them and AGAIN i drank my productive time away...
Jan 4: Wake up and go to work (is it not funny that i will work at making someone else rich but i dont prioritise that in my life?) then i was lazy to go to gym...a win for me yesterday was that i drew up a list that has 200 names, i ironed my shirt last night, which made it possible for me to get ready for work in 30 minutes, and i made lunch for today wich means that i dont have to spend money on useless things like R15 sandwiches...
Today is my day...JUST DO IT!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i am learning everyday that being successful is not doing new and wonderful and exciting things everyday, what the most successful people in the world do is that they set a goal (and never change it) then they find and way in which they are going to achieve this goal, once they have found that...they just do that thing everyday this gradually leads them to attaining their dreams...the only change that ever happens is when they re- evaluate their technique to get better results... i must stick with my methods.

yesterday was tough, i gymmed legs and then went spinning for an hour...WOW!!!