Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If Life Gives You Lemons

A big goal for me this year is not to waste money, this is not to be a miser or stingy with money but over the last two years i have wasted money on useless things and this does not help my cause at all. Here is a list of things that i dont want to waste my money on ever again.

Cooldrinks and fizzy drinks,

buying lunch from the cafeteria or any where else for that matter ( i cant justify to myself why i have spent R20 everyday for the past two years buying sandwiches, this adds up to over R10 500 of bread in just 24 months...thats crazy.)

McDonalds, KFC or any other junk/fast food joint, honestly the food from there is rubbish, has no nutritional value and is a waste of money.

Magazines, i dont read everything is there...i will allow myself one magazine "treat" a month. No more buying 6 or 7 a month

Excessive going out, there is actually no point to it anymore, it doesnt make sense to drink 10 beers at R15 a pop every other night and then go straight home...what a terrible habit this is and i dont even get to enjoy being drunk 'cause i get home and sleep...weekends should be enough and one or two free ones is cool during the week...

impulse items, these i think cost me a lot because i think that this is "ghost" money because i dont keep track of it and i wonder "where did my money go?"

However i do want to develop new habits and enjoy my money as well, here are a few things that i will do with my money this year...

Go out for breakfasts, lunches and suppers, this is with friends and especially with my girlfriend.

Go to Live shows, concerts and the theatre.

Go to the movies.

Go away for weekends.

Buy Fine, Quality, Expensive and Stylish Clothes, cosmetics, frangrances and accesories.

Enjoy Fine Dining, Whiskeys, Brandies and Wines...

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