Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Value of a Minute

A book that i was reading recently said that we waste so much time waiting and doing things that do not in anyway contribute to achieving our dreams. the way that i understand it is like this. a wasted minute becomes a wasted hour, which becomes a wasted day, which becomes a wasted week, which becomes a wasted month, which beciomes a wasted year...which eventually leads to a wasted life.

That is why it is so crucial to have a dream which you are sold out to and to be able to answer the question "what are you doing right now that is leading you towards achieving your dream?"

My greatest dream is to have TIME...i want the time to spend with my girlfriend without all the pressures of expectations and society, i want time to sleep when i want and wake when i want, i want time to travel and enjoy my life...this leads me to asking how am i going to get that time? the only way i see how to do that is to build an asset that will pay me enough to do what i want to do...unfortunately in this world we are brought up to believe that wwe must work for 40 hours a week for 40 years of our lives and then we will have enough money to do whatever it is that we am i truly going to enjoy my life if i only get that time at 65? what i am essentially doing right now is trading the best years of my life sitting behind a computer for sad this is:( my goal for me to be able to enjoy my life is to become a MILLIONAIRE!!!

i want to build an asset that will allow me to retire at 30 and enjoy the rest of my life without having to worry about money...

i am working really hard on my business, i will work on it everyday i need to tweak my routine a little from to day onwards i am going to limit the amount of time that i spend watching tv...last night i really wanted to get some reading done instead i spent 5 hours watching telly, that led to me reading late and falling asleep halfway through and being tired today i need to be asleep at the latest 22h30...this will give me 6 hours of sleep. we've got plenty of dvd's at home so i can relax my mind with those...

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