Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i am learning everyday that being successful is not doing new and wonderful and exciting things everyday, what the most successful people in the world do is that they set a goal (and never change it) then they find and way in which they are going to achieve this goal, once they have found that...they just do that thing everyday this gradually leads them to attaining their dreams...the only change that ever happens is when they re- evaluate their technique to get better results... i must stick with my methods.

yesterday was tough, i gymmed legs and then went spinning for an hour...WOW!!!

How to get and keep a girl

On my never ever ending quest to know things i was reading a Glamour magazine, which had a comparison between John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhall and ten girls were asked to choose which one they would go for and a whopping 8 out of the 10 went for John Mayer...WOW (this he must be the biggest fag i can think of...)

The question on my mind was why? and the answer is pretty simple really this is how i see it...what attracts a woman into a relationship is never what will keep her in that relationship, you see women always want the bad boy and they think that they can change him...Why did they not want Jake, the majority of them said that it was because he is a good boy and good boys are boring and no fun at see guys a woman wants to be swept off her feet and live in the moment and be carried away in a blizzard of lust and love.

The problem with this is that it doesnt sustain a relationship, ask any girl what kind of husband she wants and i guarantee that it will almost be the exact opposite of what has been described above, she wants the sweet guy, who will love her children and be home immediately after work and basically be the Jake Gyllenhall...

So here is how any guy can use this to his advantage, to get the girl you have to be the bad ass, basically be a dick, dont care sort of guy...i know a lot of people are disagreeing with me, but how many times does the sweet chap lose out on getting the girl because she will choose the guy that is no good for her, dont fool yourself and say rubish like "I'll just be myself and i will get her" we all know that hasnt worked for you in the past 24 years...

After you have being the prick and gotten the girl, then you cant slowly go back to being your little cute useless self, this has two benefits, you dont have to walk around pretending to be something that you are not and she will actually think that she managed to changed you...

on my next blog, i will talk about how to be an douchebag...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Dream

Its funny how we look at nice cars and nice houses and think or even better tell someone, we see Lambo's and things all the time, what do these people do that enables them to afford such cars?

well im tired of wondering and i am going to embark on a journey to find out.

my goal is now to become a millionaire, upon closer inspection of the things that are happening, it is becoming painstakingly clear that having money will help solve a lot of things, you see i am realising more and more everyday that having money equals having options in this life, together with making a lot of money i want to be super healthy as it wont help to be rich and not have the physical ability to enjoy the money...and i want to get married very soon, because there is no point in having all the riches and no-one to share it with...i mean imagine being on holiday in spain or the caribbean or anywhere else for that matter and the other half of WE ARE AWESOME is not there...i wanna be a family man and have lots of kids, money will allow me to be able to give them the best that life has to offer....

so to kick off my game plan i will divide my day up like this:

sleep 6 hours
work 12 hours
gym 2 hours
spend time with investing in my relationship 4 hours...

this should be a good start, i am ultimately working to get to a point where i work max 6 hours a week, about an hour a day and spend all my time travelling the world with my loved one...when we are tired we will settle down in a big ass house and just breed...and love each other for the rest of our lives.

Monday, November 2, 2009

still...the most beautiful girl in the world

what do men want?

I was having a talk with my girlfriend yesterday and I was asking her how her friends are doing…the conversation goy interesting when I realised that a lot of them don’t have boyfriends and are looking, a few questions have been on my mind since then:

What does a guy look for in a relationship?
What does a woman have to do to make sure that the guy calls her the next day?
Why is it that we treat the girls that like us and are available like crap and chase after the ones that treat us like crap?

In my thinking, I can summaries all this into one word…AVAILABILITY.

It makes sense because as men we a programmed to be hunters and we are always up for a challenge; this permeates into every single area of a man’s life. Look at sport for example, it’s all about challenge, in fact sport is based on war (get into the enemies territory and conquer, by scoring a goal or something.),

Now I will attempt to answer my questions:

What does a guy look for in a relationship?

We look for challenge, the only way for a man to be interested in a woman is for her not to be easily available to him, and we all know the story of the girl who is one of the boys. She becomes that because she is always around and eventually we get tired of treating her like a girl if she is doing everything that a boy does…then she becomes one of us.

What does a woman have to do to make sure that the guy calls her the next day?

The easiest way for this to happen is that you don’t give and reveal everything about yourself immediately, make him work for everything…(work on the 3:1 ratio, I’ll explain this in later blogs.)

Why is it that we treat the girls that like us and are available like crap and chase after the ones that treat us like crap?

It’s easy, it’s because we can’t “have” them. If a girl really likes a guy and comes onto him, chances are he will run the other direction very quickly. Always remember this a woman chooses a man, BUT the man must show that he is worthy of being chosen (i.e. he must best the best option in ALL departments, whatever you criteria are.).

Friday, October 30, 2009

A letter for you


i dont know if you are ever gonna read this...i wanna thank you for everything you are to me and for your love and support.

i know that a lot if the times i behave like a little boy but i am trying to be a man and i am getting better everyday...the real reason i decided to cut down on drinking was when i realised that it is driving a wedge between us and i never want to look back one day and think that i lost you because of the bottle. the last two weeks have actually been great (not because we were broken up) because i didnt have alcohol in the system and i could control my makes sense why i am always down...(cos the a-a-a-alcohol is a depressant)...anyway i am losing my train of thought.

what i want to say is that you are not making a mistake by taking a chance on me (you have bet on a winner). i love you with all i have and my life without you is empty and hollow............................................................................................................................................................YOU COMPLETE ME.

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Sunday, October 4, 2009

song on my mind...Slide, Goo Goo Dolls

Could you whisper in my ear The things you want to feel I'll give you anythingTo feel it comin'
Do you wake up on your ownAnd wonder where you are You live with all your faultsI wanna wake up where you areI won't say anything at all So why don't you slide Yeah we're gonna let it slideDon't you love the life you killedThe priest is on the phone Your father hit the wall Your ma disowned youDon't suppose I'll ever knowWhat it means to be a manSomething I can exchangeI'll live around hereI wanna wake up where you areI won't say anything at all So why don't you slide Mmmmm slideAnd I'll do anything you everDreamed to be completeLittle pieces of the nothing that fallOh May put your arms around meWhat you feel is what you areAnd what you are is beautifulOh May do you wanna get marriedOr run away....YeahAnd I'll do anything you everDreamed to be completeLittle pieces of the nothing that fallOh oh oh May put your arms around meWhat you feel is what you areAnd what you are is beautifulOh May do you wanna get marriedOr run awayI wanna wake up where you areAnd I'll do anything you everDreamed to be completeLittle pieces of the nothing that fallAnd I'll do anything you everDreamed to be completeLittle pieces of the nothing that fallOh Oh Oh slide(Just slide between the sheets of all the beds you never knew)Yeah slideWhy don't you slide into my roomJust slide into my roomOh, we'll run away, run away, run away

11 reasons why he dumped you

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New New Man

In the beginning there was the man, in fact there was the man in the 70's and the 80's...think Arnie in Terminator, Lundgren, Sly Stallone in Rocky and Rambo, these were the good times where a man used to go hunting and mow the lawn and fix his OWN car on a Saturday with his boys while downing a cold one with his boys, with a big fat steak in the distance...This was attractive then men were men, chest hairs and all

Enter the 90's, along with that came David Beckham, pedicures and the "wet look". All of a sudden you werent a real man if you didnt put on moisturiser and a light shade of lipstick...this is what i call the new man...we were now forced to adapt in order to prove that we were manly we had to become girly, instead of hanging in pubs chugging down litre draughts we started chilling in bars, sipping on martinis and snacking on finger became the new blue and we were forced to recite gay shit like"i'm so comfortable in my sexuality that i am confident enough to wear pink"

As with all things, shit does come full circle...the new new man is here now. who or what is this new new man? is the guy who has been put down for far to long as it tired of acting gay to prove that he is straight, don't get me wrong the metrosexual era did bring about some good...but we took it to the far extreme, men are becoming men again albeit in secret, men are "working" an extra 30 minutes a day just to sneak in a beer with the boys, they are refusing to wear bright pink shirts...the good days are coming back and man am i excited

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hottie of the day

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Topics to avoid for a good conversation

One of the most under-rated things about growing up is knowing just how useful it is having a mother to guide you through different social situations. You may not realize it at the time and you still may not even realize it now, however, the ability to have her over your shoulder reminding you to think before you speak every time you’re about to really drop yourself in it in front of your grandparents or friends is invaluable. The problem with growing up is that we often find ourselves in social situations and, whereas in our heads the words may seem completely sound and even at times intelligent, in reality once those words leave your lips you suddenly realize you may not have chosen the ideal topic at that moment.
How many times have you been so desperate to ignite a conversation that you start up a seemingly innocent discussion on a certain topic only to see the entire mood of the table go dead? Or worse, the entire room goes silent upon hearing your statement or question on a specific topic. That silence is akin to the same silence that follows the visuals of an atom bomb just before the explosion rocks your ears or the eeriness that comes with the silence in the eye of a storm. Thankfully you can avoid these explosive conversation destroyers by simply avoiding the dangerous topics for good conversation listed below.

Political Policies
Considering most politicians have both good and bad points and that no matter how many parties the UK actually has, it’s pretty fair to assume that almost anybody you meet is either Pro Labour or Conservative. This gives you less than a 50% chance of meeting someone with the same political view as you. Either way, it’s a topical double-edged sword. If they are of an opposing party they’re going to argue with you and disagree with your general views on a number of topics. If they agree with you the conversation is dead anyway. Politics is a no-no.

Religious Riots
In a similar vein to politics, religion is either something you agree on or something that could start a pretty unfriendly conversation. Bearing in mind that more wars have been fought over religion than politics it’s a fair conclusion to assume that this topic should probably be avoided more than the previous. Considering most religion comes down to belief all you’re really arguing about is who has the better invisible friend. This can be a very touchy subject and is really one to avoid.

Equality Everywhere
Whether you do go out of your way to promote equal rights across the planet or your idea of helping others is to simply avoid shouting at the charity workers that accost you to help out in struggling nations when you see them in the street, you are likely to find that most people you meet are as unwilling to speak to you about the worlds problems as they are unwilling to listen to the charity collectors speeches.

Work Worries
No matter how bad your job is or how much your boss sucks and micro-manages everything you do, try to resist the urge to tell every sympathetic ear the ins and outs of your worries. The truth is, most people are also tired of working every day and the last thing they want is to sit and listen to your stories about how bad your day was. You’ll only succeed in boring them with situations they really couldn’t care about. The only thing possibly worse than this to bring up in good conversation is how much you love your job, as all you’ll end up doing is rubbing their own miserable job in their faces.

Insulting Innocents
No one likes to sit and listen to people criticising others. It only paints a really bad picture of the person doing the insulting. They probably don’t know the person in question, which only makes them wonder if they really are as bad as you tell them they are. If they do happen to know the person in question they only begin wondering if you talk about others behind their back as well. If you’re going to spend time talking about others try to make it positive at least that way people assume you only hang around cool and interesting people.

Personal Problems
As interesting as your warts may be to yourself, it’s a pretty safe bet that whoever you’re talking to is unlikely to find it a remarkably interesting conversation. Personal worries are unfortunately something that tends to dwell deeply on our minds and, although the old logic of a problem shared is a problem halved, you have to understand that the half you give away gets given to the other person who then has to dwell on it, worry about it and even worse visualise the problem for themselves.
As great as our parents may have been about guiding our conversations the fact is that sooner or later we have to fend for ourselves. Without being told why certain topics are off limits we often make the mistake of using them anyway to disastrous effect. However, our elders weren’t correct on every topic. You may have been told to avoid the topics of sex and drugs whilst growing up due to them both being taboo. With modern society being what it is these are not only no longer awkward subjects but actually topics that people can relate to.
The basics of understanding good conversation are to avoid any topic that will leave someone else feeling awkward or which may give them reason to disagree with you. Of course this may not lead to extremely riveting discussions but it will give you polite dinner conversation that won’t completely destroy the mood at the table. Obviously these are just guidelines. The truth is that topics fade in and out of being taboo and with sex and drugs now being viewed as risqué but acceptable, who knows? At some point it may become acceptable to talk about your personal hygiene issues over dinner. But for now it’s probably best to stick to The Pussy Cat Doll’s latest music video.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009



When i started this blog it was because i was bored at work and the things i write about are my thoughts and things that i see going on around me. I haven't really written a lot about my thoughts or who i am, you see most of the time i feel that i think differently to people or i question myself as to why i am not really entertained by the things that entertain others. But lately that is changing and i am beginning to realise that I AM ME...and i dont have to put myself in a box there are things that i like that are contradictions and i appreciate that about myself...

An example is that i love rugby but i absolutely hate watching it on tv, i like fruity flavoured cooldrinks but im not so fond of fruity flavoured alcohol...i am always clued up about whats going on in pop culture but i think that tv is a waste of time (beside the programs there are shit.)

i now understand how my mind works, and i know how to take absolute advantage of that fact.

i think the most important lesson i have learnt this year is that people enjoy putting others into boxes and i am also guilty of this, the get uncomfortable when a person changes or tries new this because they cant define you anymore...People fear what they dont understand and hate what they cant conquer.

Haai no maan...hottie van die jaar

Life imitating Art???????????????

The Value of Words

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The design of my new tattoo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The funny thing about life

I was listening to a Jigga joint the other day, called 'when the money goes...(will the honies stay)' but since when should we have to listen to such a song and then give remarks like this shit is so relevant?

One thing that I'm learning is that life is funny in that our lives are contradictions, we say we are one way and then go and do the exact opposite, when have school friends, friends from home, work friends...(the list goes on) this allows a person to be different things to different people. so who are you really?...

back to the Jigga song, he says "all you see is paper not potential", in the age of McDonalds,cellphones and sisters doing it for themselves these statements should be irrelevant.

My argument is that everywhere i go i hear women saying that they will make their own money and be successful and independent and blah blah blah, then they go and marry the bloke with money. WHY? then when she leaves she wants half of something that she didnt work for.WHY?

And Still...(you know the rest)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Hottie of the Day

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to be an absolute tosser of a girlfriend

1.Be abusive: for guys to be in an abusive relationship this usually happens because the chick does this emotionally, a guy becomes a prisoner in his own relationship.
I never understood how a person can love someone and not allow that other person to be themselves in the relationship, so fellas if your are a prisoner of your need to leave that girl and chicks just know that guys talk so if your are abusing him, he will leave your ass, talk shit about the shitty relationship which you made him a prisor of and then no other guy will ever go out with you.

2. Two-timing: Being dishonest about stuff like this is a no no, its dumb to try and get your bread buttered on both sides...ladies we know. guys watch out for the this the most sure sigh that you are being cheated on is when you are busy knocking boots and all of a sudden she starts trying new an unfamiliar positions...ladies we know.

3.Doing a duck: Just not showing up for a date, not answering any phone calls, or moving out without giving any prior warning are all fairly cowardly ways of ending a relationship, you will become known as the chick that did a hit and run...guys if this happens to you make sure that none of your stuff is missing and get a restraining order against her (just in case she comes damn guaranteed that this is a crazy B!tch)

4.Kiss and tell: As a guy you will always be the last one to know about this, if your girl is getting around or doing the rounds, word does eventually get around and you will be left single...FOREVER, because no guy wants to date the village bicycle...

5.Being a stalker:This is the biggest one. Once you've been identified in the social circles as a bit of an obsessive weirdo/freak who follows ex-boyfriends about, people are not going to be queueing up to ask you out. If you're the kind of person to stalk someone's flat or workplace, or who sends 20 unwanted SMSs a day or phones constantly at odd hours of the night or day, can you blame people if they avoid you at all costs? Horror stories about you are doings are probably being spread far and wide.You have become the laughing stock and you probably deserve it. Get help.

Hottie of the day

Friday, August 21, 2009

This is a warning

I wonder, at what point it was that women began outnumbering men, when Adam was made it was 1-0 to the men, then Eve came along and it was then 1-1...then Cain and Abel, 3-1 to the men and from all my readings of the bible there is clearly more men than women.(the scarcity of the fairer kind must have led to all those barbaric wars of the dark ages)
Stats currently show that women outnumber men 7 to 1 (not that I am complaining)

So with this in mind why is it that men are still chasing after women? According to the laws around supply and demand scarcity adds value to something, but from the many hours that I have clocked in in the clubs, the ladies are sitting back and waiting for men to hunt them, and take them on dates and try to impress them (should this not be the other way round?)

This leads me to the fact that why is it that a woman must always try to change a man? (should this not be the other way round?) Here is my train of thought.
A man is scarce therefore he becomes valuable, but he still chases the women (for some strange reason) he charms her by spending the little money that he has, she then in turn pretends that she loves watching soccer every Saturday and that she understands the off-side rule, they now officially become a couple…now this is where the tables turn…the man must now changed he must stop watching soccer, eating pap with his hands and leaving the toilet seat up (this is the greatest trick any woman can pull on a man)…the man starts adopting female habits like using three types of moisturiser…All this in order to keep his woman happy.

The man essentially becomes the male photocopy of his more feminine half.

this trend carries on into almost every sphere of life and if we are not careful we will end up in a world where men sit around having tupperware parties and boasting about how much their wives make and planning midday errand runs to the beauty parlour... we can see this in how men have become girls in that now it is acceptable to have manicures and waxes and all that hogwash...i don’t even think that it is necessary for application forms to have boxes that ask you to indicate whether you are male or female, because we are all just becoming a bunch of pansies… whats funny is that a good decent chap from e-Kasi, who rocks allstars and sporties moves to the city, starts going out with a Sandton chick, then the manies and pedies begin...this is "good" because he is seen as progressive, before long he starts wearing capris and eating vegan food…then at the end of the day the chick leaves his ass all heartbroken, with the reason that this chap is “too needy” or “emotionally draining” but is this not what she turned him into…yes, she leaves him to be with a real man…

Midday Heat

When we forgot who we are

What is this new trend where gents dont have rides, cribs or anything else...?

this is actually very interesting for me because roles have changed and it is becoming something of status for guys to be "kept" eg. K-Fed, i mean i have friends that actually only date a girl on this criteria (does she have a car, crib and a job) so that they know that they never have to take out a cent or even bother to be a man.

who do we blame for this? i havent been around for many years so the person who i can point a credible finger to is The Spice Girls (if you are white) and Destiny's Child (if you are black) when they started singing about girl power and being independent and all that jazz.

Newton says that 'for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction' the action is that the sista's are doing it for themselves but the reaction is that guys are not motivated to lift a finger in order to provide for their other halves...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend Hottie
Hottie of the Day

When a girl became a boy in 1 minute and 55 seconds

Today i have been reading the most ridiculous story of a south african girl who won the 800m at some atheletics meeting, now she is being accused that she is infact a does this happen? this is a girl form a dusty village at what freaking point did she find the money to have a sex change when they dont have electricity or a tv at home.

this is really shocking because we never questioned Maria Mutola or even Flo Jo...matter of fact all female atheletes are built like men, i think that your body has to be in this condition for them to be able to stand a chance at winning something...

now the big question is "why do they not test the shotput women from East Germany...?"

the girl is 18, why must we poke and prod her like an animal from the amazon rain forest?

they must leave her alone and let South Africa bask in her achievement.