Friday, August 21, 2009

This is a warning

I wonder, at what point it was that women began outnumbering men, when Adam was made it was 1-0 to the men, then Eve came along and it was then 1-1...then Cain and Abel, 3-1 to the men and from all my readings of the bible there is clearly more men than women.(the scarcity of the fairer kind must have led to all those barbaric wars of the dark ages)
Stats currently show that women outnumber men 7 to 1 (not that I am complaining)

So with this in mind why is it that men are still chasing after women? According to the laws around supply and demand scarcity adds value to something, but from the many hours that I have clocked in in the clubs, the ladies are sitting back and waiting for men to hunt them, and take them on dates and try to impress them (should this not be the other way round?)

This leads me to the fact that why is it that a woman must always try to change a man? (should this not be the other way round?) Here is my train of thought.
A man is scarce therefore he becomes valuable, but he still chases the women (for some strange reason) he charms her by spending the little money that he has, she then in turn pretends that she loves watching soccer every Saturday and that she understands the off-side rule, they now officially become a couple…now this is where the tables turn…the man must now changed he must stop watching soccer, eating pap with his hands and leaving the toilet seat up (this is the greatest trick any woman can pull on a man)…the man starts adopting female habits like using three types of moisturiser…All this in order to keep his woman happy.

The man essentially becomes the male photocopy of his more feminine half.

this trend carries on into almost every sphere of life and if we are not careful we will end up in a world where men sit around having tupperware parties and boasting about how much their wives make and planning midday errand runs to the beauty parlour... we can see this in how men have become girls in that now it is acceptable to have manicures and waxes and all that hogwash...i don’t even think that it is necessary for application forms to have boxes that ask you to indicate whether you are male or female, because we are all just becoming a bunch of pansies… whats funny is that a good decent chap from e-Kasi, who rocks allstars and sporties moves to the city, starts going out with a Sandton chick, then the manies and pedies begin...this is "good" because he is seen as progressive, before long he starts wearing capris and eating vegan food…then at the end of the day the chick leaves his ass all heartbroken, with the reason that this chap is “too needy” or “emotionally draining” but is this not what she turned him into…yes, she leaves him to be with a real man…

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