Thursday, August 27, 2009

The funny thing about life

I was listening to a Jigga joint the other day, called 'when the money goes...(will the honies stay)' but since when should we have to listen to such a song and then give remarks like this shit is so relevant?

One thing that I'm learning is that life is funny in that our lives are contradictions, we say we are one way and then go and do the exact opposite, when have school friends, friends from home, work friends...(the list goes on) this allows a person to be different things to different people. so who are you really?...

back to the Jigga song, he says "all you see is paper not potential", in the age of McDonalds,cellphones and sisters doing it for themselves these statements should be irrelevant.

My argument is that everywhere i go i hear women saying that they will make their own money and be successful and independent and blah blah blah, then they go and marry the bloke with money. WHY? then when she leaves she wants half of something that she didnt work for.WHY?

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