Friday, August 28, 2009


When i started this blog it was because i was bored at work and the things i write about are my thoughts and things that i see going on around me. I haven't really written a lot about my thoughts or who i am, you see most of the time i feel that i think differently to people or i question myself as to why i am not really entertained by the things that entertain others. But lately that is changing and i am beginning to realise that I AM ME...and i dont have to put myself in a box there are things that i like that are contradictions and i appreciate that about myself...

An example is that i love rugby but i absolutely hate watching it on tv, i like fruity flavoured cooldrinks but im not so fond of fruity flavoured alcohol...i am always clued up about whats going on in pop culture but i think that tv is a waste of time (beside the programs there are shit.)

i now understand how my mind works, and i know how to take absolute advantage of that fact.

i think the most important lesson i have learnt this year is that people enjoy putting others into boxes and i am also guilty of this, the get uncomfortable when a person changes or tries new this because they cant define you anymore...People fear what they dont understand and hate what they cant conquer.

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