Friday, August 21, 2009

When we forgot who we are

What is this new trend where gents dont have rides, cribs or anything else...?

this is actually very interesting for me because roles have changed and it is becoming something of status for guys to be "kept" eg. K-Fed, i mean i have friends that actually only date a girl on this criteria (does she have a car, crib and a job) so that they know that they never have to take out a cent or even bother to be a man.

who do we blame for this? i havent been around for many years so the person who i can point a credible finger to is The Spice Girls (if you are white) and Destiny's Child (if you are black) when they started singing about girl power and being independent and all that jazz.

Newton says that 'for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction' the action is that the sista's are doing it for themselves but the reaction is that guys are not motivated to lift a finger in order to provide for their other halves...


  1. Times have changed, gone are the days when a man had to bring in the cash on provide for his woman, where the woman was totally dependent on her man and had to treat her man with the utmost respect driven by the fear of losing this security. Now days, woman have their own cash and can tune a guy whatever she pleases. This ability to be independent has had an impact on us guys. These girls don’t need us men, but what remains is that we need them. The question is now that it has become harder to lure them with our money, we have to find other means. Now we have to communicate to our women, report back to our woman, be sensitive to our woman’s thoughts and feelings, the age of the mooshy feely feely man has come, the age where men have to be in touch with their feminine side, woman are changing us gradually. They will soon take over I tell you. We as men will be totally dependent on our women, they will be providing for us. It used to be the ladies who used to look for the man with the bigger wallet, deeper pockets not any more. The age of the real man is slowly coming to extinction. Few real men roam the earth today. We have more metrosexuals and homosexuals than ever. We are the last of a dying breed. Lundi Njomane

  2. This is enough to make me shed a tear, on my next post i'm gonna talk about how the option on forms that asks whether you are male or female should not even be there, because wwe have all become pansies...