Thursday, August 20, 2009

When a girl became a boy in 1 minute and 55 seconds

Today i have been reading the most ridiculous story of a south african girl who won the 800m at some atheletics meeting, now she is being accused that she is infact a does this happen? this is a girl form a dusty village at what freaking point did she find the money to have a sex change when they dont have electricity or a tv at home.

this is really shocking because we never questioned Maria Mutola or even Flo Jo...matter of fact all female atheletes are built like men, i think that your body has to be in this condition for them to be able to stand a chance at winning something...

now the big question is "why do they not test the shotput women from East Germany...?"

the girl is 18, why must we poke and prod her like an animal from the amazon rain forest?

they must leave her alone and let South Africa bask in her achievement.

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