Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New New Man

In the beginning there was the man, in fact there was the man in the 70's and the 80's...think Arnie in Terminator, Lundgren, Sly Stallone in Rocky and Rambo, these were the good times where a man used to go hunting and mow the lawn and fix his OWN car on a Saturday with his boys while downing a cold one with his boys, with a big fat steak in the distance...This was attractive then men were men, chest hairs and all

Enter the 90's, along with that came David Beckham, pedicures and the "wet look". All of a sudden you werent a real man if you didnt put on moisturiser and a light shade of lipstick...this is what i call the new man...we were now forced to adapt in order to prove that we were manly we had to become girly, instead of hanging in pubs chugging down litre draughts we started chilling in bars, sipping on martinis and snacking on finger foods...pink became the new blue and we were forced to recite gay shit like"i'm so comfortable in my sexuality that i am confident enough to wear pink"

As with all things, shit does come full circle...the new new man is here now. who or what is this new new man? is the guy who has been put down for far to long as it tired of acting gay to prove that he is straight, don't get me wrong the metrosexual era did bring about some good...but we took it to the far extreme, men are becoming men again albeit in secret, men are "working" an extra 30 minutes a day just to sneak in a beer with the boys, they are refusing to wear bright pink shirts...the good days are coming back and man am i excited

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