Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Industrial thinking in the information age

the wierdest thing is that technology doubles every 18 months, but the way we are working seems to be something that is still trapped in the 1700's...when you think about it besides from things like sex, we essentially dont need to ever be in any sort of contact with anyone or anything...i could in theory wake up bath, and sit behind a computer, order all my groceries online. buy clothes on line, pick up the phone and order a quick snack from debonairs...etc.

i am beginning to rethink the concept of work. work is a thing that you do rather than a place that one has to go every morning...fair there are jobs that require for people to be there physically but as we move further into the 21st century most of our jobs are based on ideas and thoughts, i myself have never personally seen a truck been loaded with beer stock, i attend one meeting per week and the work load is so much that we dont really have time to crack jokes at work...why i sit behind this desk everyday is beyond me...we have three whole buildings where people come everymorning to sit down and do nothing more spectacular than they could have done in their own homes...

i wonder if there is a way to convince my boss if we could get lap tops and work from home from time to time??? hmmm...highly unlikely as we work in a beuracracy...sad but true

on a lighter but not less important note, my girlfriend and i are celebrating our third anniversary tomorrow...WOW, crazy huh, i am so chuffed about that, tomorrow is gonna be a really speacial day for us...

My goal this week is to save time so im a going to automate the majority of my life, taking the queue from my thoughts about industrial thinking in the information age, i realise that there is no need for me to go to the bank every month or to iron my shirt every morning, i may even go as far as finding a "supper service" company to cook my supper for me everynight...i want to see how much of my life i can outsource...
"Get inn there...LOL"

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